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Workshops & Trainings

January 7 & 8 
1-5 EST

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Two live training days via live stream,  recorded for your reference. 

 1: Anatomy and Kinesiology - the science of facial exercise and rejuvenation, plus the core Yoga Face exercises in a comprehensive  sequence, with NEW BONUS extra section for restoring mobility and tone after Botox and filler use.  


2. Yoga practices for facial and overall rejuvenation- Asana, pranayama, mediation, consciousness and belief practices for supporting radical transformation and rejuvenation 


3. Plants, herbs, nutrition and how to eat food and make treatments that promote beauty and rejuvenation at home! Eating healthfully will promote facial rejuvenation and erase wrinkles. This unit will cover a special facial rejuvenation detox diet that is easy and incredibly effective! 

4. Face rolling, massage, Gua Shua blading, Face taping ( new information!)  and facial acupressure – all you need to know to kift and contour as well as smooth your face for incredible results. 

  5.Additional face pose micro- sequences for each problem area, plus brand new, never before face yoga  techniques, for the first time. 

    6. Business best practices and strategy session: Ask all the questions you want about how to make your own business. 


  • 20  minute one on one private meeting  with Annelise to go over your practical exam - writing a sample course you would teach – I will  give you notes, evaluation  and answer your questions. 

  •  Certified in the Yoga Face teaching method and connected to the Yoga Face network. Join our community!

  • A complimentary copy of Annelise's  landmark face yoga book, the Yoga Face ( required for the training).



Course fee $575.00