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What is Yoga Face?

A  blend of yoga techniques and exercises, including breath, meditation, sound work, and yes, face poses, that help shake up tired patterns in the face and the brain. 

These techniques are ideally suited to help release stress and generate focus and positivity, and when performed together in a group setting,  help build community, team solidarity, and a space for fun and collaboration. 

Benefits include rejuvenated faces, improved focus, and a reset that helps turn back the clock on aging. 

Our face is our billboard, our telegraph, our brand. People see who we are when they see our face.- typically  In under five seconds!

So why don't we take better care of it?

 The Yoga Face  method provides a communal space in  which to release anxiety and fear, and helps foster connection with others. 

Headshot of Annelise Hagen looking kind and confident like she has the solution


The face is our identity:how we are seen and experienced in the world.

The face transmits and communicates how we feel and think

The Face is a primary form of connection with others

With new face reading science, and face tracking technology, facial recognition supersedes fingerprinting.

These days, many choose to freeze or alter the face, taking away their individuality, afraid they may be victims of age bias or discrimination.



"Annelise exudes the kind of confidence that only comes from decades of direct professional experience. She is a person of integrity and her desire to use her knowledge to help others is palpable."

Chelsey Kap


Annelise Hagen smiling


The Yoga Face uses yoga and mindfulness strategies that are scientifically proven to help rewire and reset the brain.

  • Induces bilateral communication between the two hemispheres of the brain

  • Uses breathing and meditation techniques to counter the fight or flight response

  • rewires neural pathways

  • May help keep the brain young by forging new neural connections and creating new habits


Other benefits:

  • Confidence

  • Rejuvenation

  • Facial improvement

  • Stress Release

  • Changing beliefs and narrative around self, aging, and what is possible

  • Focusing on the solution rather than staying the problem

  • Bonding with others, having fun



  • There is a solution for facial wellness

  • Play and fun help us tap into our ageless eternal selves

  • As a holistic program, Yoga Face  rejuvenates the face, mind and body

“Change your face, change your mind”

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