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Watch this completely natural alternative anti-aging regimen that women can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes.

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The exercises, developed by yoga expert and instructor Annelise Hagen, are based on a simple principle: The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body. If you don't exercise the muscles below the neck, they become weak and flabby, and the same thing will happen to your face with age.



Our Yoga, Facial Yoga and Hypnosis services are based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. With this therapy, Yoga Face promotes coordinated breathing and focused internal energy in order to improve strength, concentration, and help participants improve control of their body and mind.

Genuine Rose Quartz Gua Shua Blade

High-quality, beautifully sculpted hand-made rose quartz Gua Shua elevates the frequency between the heart and the face and will sculpt and define the face while assisting in lymphatic drainage. Comes with a complimentary Yoga Face manual for optimal use.

Skin Tea


Custom blend of organic lavender, rose, chamomile, mallow and calendula for steaming, detoxifying, decongesting and moisturizing the skin. Perfect for cleansing before rolling and blading. 


$45.00 For the Set

Black obsidian Gua Shua set: 10mm long by 8 mm wide by 1/2 mm thick gua shua. A superior size, cut and stone grade, this Black Heart helps to heal heartbreak and offer protection and self love. Obsidian removes negative energy and acts as a protectant and detoxifier. This blade is especially effective at breaking up fascia and adhesions around the jaw line and the eyebrows, and will sculpt the face, lift the eyes and frim chin. The set comes with an organic jojoba oil starter,  custom blended and cold pressed, and a clarifying skin tea.


$35.00 For blade and custom blend jojoba starter bottle

9mm long x 5mm thick x1/2mm width

Rare and semi precious tiger eye stone is prized for its grounding and focusing properties. The striations and gloss on this beautiful blade will enchant you even as the tool lifts, contours, and drains lymph, leaving you peaceful, sculpted and glowing. The varying curves provide different benefits; the teeth break up adhesions and tense fascia, lifting the face, and the undulating curves will contour and lift the face, while providing lymphatic drainage and acupressure at
recommended points.



$30.00 For the set

10mm long, 6mm wide, ½ mm thick

Beautiful quality rose quartz Gua Shua blade, bespoke cut that offers more stone and power.  Rose Quartz is coveted for its heart opening and protective qualities, and will help attract love and beauty. Offered with a starter of custom jojoba oil mixed with bulgarian rose essence for moisturizing and beautifying the skin, and a skin tea packet.


$25.00 For the set

White Quartz Crystal Roller with Oil for Acupressure and Rolling

This roller contains the most powerful and beneficial healing crystal of all, white quartz.  Additional Jojoba oil starter and acupressure point diagram provide the map you need to aculift your face and tune your overall health holistically.


$55.00 For the set

Black obsidian roller and gua shua blade make the ideal set for clearing energy and offering protection. This duo is all you need for overall facial sculpting and lymphatic drainage. The gold setting is in a beautiful finish and constructed for durability. This beautiful set’s black and gold color are sophiticated and elegant. Comes with rolling and blading diagram.

Shipping only available in the US, $5.95 per package; free over $100.00