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About Annelise


Annelise Hagen is a yoga teacher, writer, and certified hypnotherapist. She  created the word’s first face yoga workshop, the Yoga Face, in 2005.

She observed that the face and facial tension were not addressed in the context of most yoga teachings and classes. She decided to create a class that would specifically help the face through yoga.

She now trains other yoga teachers, wellness and beauty professionals and everyday people, and leads teacher trainings to certify others in her method. 

Face yoga resonates with people everywhere searching for a healthy and way to address facial tension and natural rejuvenation. But beyond the surface, facial yoga addresses deeper issues of wellness, identity, beauty and rejuvenation. Annelise continues to work on these areas, and has added hypnotherapy into her practice to delve more deeply into the unconscious for powerful solutions in physical, mental and spiritual well being. 


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