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About Annelise


Annelise Hagen created the word’s first face yoga workshop, the Yoga Face, in 2005.

The idea came from her experiences in her early career as a theatre actor, and in her later work as a registered yoga teacher. She observed that the face and facial tension were not addressed in the context of most yoga teachings and classes.

Yoga could certainly help the face, she reasoned, as she had noticed that her face relaxed and rejuvenated through the yoga techniques she already practiced, such as asana, pranayama, vocalizing and meditation. She decided to create a class that would specifically help the face through yoga.

Annelise researched facial anatomy, western medicine, traditional yoga techniques, and the holistic medicine systems of India, China, and Tibet to search for techniques and methods that could help the face.

She began teaching what would become the Yoga Face in a small yoga studio, then at the New York Health and Racquet Club as an ongoing class. She was asked to teach at the New York Open Center, the Omega Institute, and many other wellness spaces. She began to train other yoga teachers, wellness and beauty professionals and everyday people in how to teach her method.

World interest in facial yoga began to surge when Annelise wrote her first book, the Yoga Face (Avery Press, 2007). Face yoga resonated with people everywhere searching for a healthy and way to address facial tension and natural rejuvenation.

Her book became a best seller, and was translated into French, Turkish, Japanese, and Russian. The book was followed by an instructional video, also called the Yoga Face.

Annelise has appeared on many television shows and podcasts and has written subsequent articles on yoga and wellness for Yoga Journal, the Reset, and Elephant Journal.

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