Welcome to the facial rejuvenation method that will lift, tone and smooth your face. Created by Annelise Hagen, the Yoga Face is a proven method that gets results quickly and naturally. 

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Sundays 12-1:30 pm Vinyasa and Sutra Study

Tuesdays 6-7:15 pm Vinyasa and Meditation

Wednesdays 8 AM Vinyasa Flow 

Fridays 1-2:15  pm Vinyasa with Core Work 

All Classes: $20.00

Venmo: @Annelise-Hagen-Pendleton


*Please indicate desired class and contact info.



Annelise Hagen is the founder and creator of the Yoga Face. After several years of teaching and practicing Yoga, Annelise noticed her face was not rejuvenating as quickly as her body. She turned her attention to improving and rejuvenating the face through the healing power of Yoga.

She created Yoga Face, a Yogic workshop for facial wellness and rejuvenation. Yoga Face blossomed into ongoing classes, teacher trainings, and workshops. These became the genesis for her best-selling book, the Yoga Face ( Avery Press, 2007), and her video, by the same title. Annelise continues to teach and train thousands of people.

She appears regularly on nationally syndicated talk shows such as Live with Kelly, Rachael Ray, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. She has received national and international press ( New York Times, Time, O, Shape, Self, Real Simple, Yoga Journal), and often writes for wellness publications (Yoga Journal, the Reset, Elephant Journal).

Annelise’s passion is to help her students unify body, spirit and mind through Yoga’s healing powers. She believes authentic, radiant beauty is the birthright of all living beings, and comes from connecting to the Source.

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Spend Some Time With Us
All services are available as couples or group classes. Please contact for pricing.


Target your trouble areas or learn how to an overall facial tuning with the benchmark Yoga Face method.

In one hour, Annelise will take you through the entire Yoga Face facial fitness and rejuvenation method for each of the areas of your face, helping you to lift and tone sags and bags and smooth wrinkles and frowns. Stretch the muscles of the face, shoulders and neck, and then learn how to isolate and train your facial muscles with exercises and the yogic techniques of Pranayama and Mudras for facial revitalization. Specific areas can be addressed per request.

$300.00 1 hour 15 min


Annelise has been certified as a Hypnotist through New York’s Center for Integrative Hypnosis since 2015.
Modalities include Habit Cessation, Pain Management, Life Coaching, Vision Mapping, and Past Life Regression. Special area of concentration in creativity unleashing for artists and others. Annelise utilizes a diverse range of neuroscience specific hypnosis tools, including EFT, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Trauma Healing, as well as energetic healing techniques learned from her training at San Francisco Psychi Horizons institute.
$300.00 1 hour


Annelise has been a RYT for 20 years, certified at the 200- hour level by Yoga Union’s Alsion West, and supplementary advanced Teacher Training hours from Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, as well as anatomy training with Joe Miller. Annelise leads you through a basic, open, or advanced level private lesson in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin or Astanga-based Yoga. Annelise also utilizes core yoga techniques to help sculpt and tone the body, and can provide a pre- or post- natal class, restorative, or Yoga for conception lesson by request.
$200.00 1 hour



"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance"





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"Annelise is a powerful hypnosis practitioner who is also a creative mission's greatest ally. She combines the experience of being a successful writer with a deep dive into the task ahead. She's fearless and super smart. She can unleash your creative drive"

Steve, Screenwriter and Producer


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