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Annelise Hagen created the world's first facial yoga workshop and  wrote the book on facial rejuvenation in 2005 with the creation of the Yoga Face.  

Annelise knew that she could use yoga's rejuvenating techniques that worked so well on the mind and body, and apply them to the face. The rest is history! 

Annelise has helped millions with her solutions for facial wellness and rejuvenation, and has trained countless students and other wellness and beauty pros with her Yoga Face work. 

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When I turned 36, my face fell apart


Up til then, everything was fine.

I was a healthy, exuberant yoga teacher who ate well, meditated, and avoided excess.

My body looked great, and I had never felt healthier!

So why, did my face fall apart?

Tone, smoothness, evenness , resilience were all slipping away.

Plus, I looked angry a lot, even when I wasn’t. Wrinkles and frown lines materialized seemingly overnight, and I was plagued by melasma (skin discoloration from sun exposure). 

The worst part was that my jaw was almost permanently locked, and I was starting to lose teeth from teeth grinding and TMJ. And those angry number eleven lines didn’t convey the calm and radiance I felt within. 

I was stressed!  And it showed. 


All this didn’t jibe with how I saw myself. I felt betrayed by my face. 

I decided if yoga could help my body, it could help my face. 


 A lot of people told me it couldn’t be done, reverse the facial aging process with yoga. I knew it could because yoga had helped me with everything else in my life wellness. 


As I started researching how to do this, I realized that the face and its well -being were profoundly overlooked. The face wasn’t even considered worthy of its own workout! 


People seemed to just want to inject something to make their faces shut up. 


But the face is important, and so is its health. 


And I believe the face, that major signifier of who we are, our very identity in the world, cries out quite plainly for what it needs, if only we will listen. 

So I created facial yoga.

Along the way, I continued to get curious about rejuvenation, wellness and self perception. I loved the yoga philosophy and science around belief and consciousness, so I have continued to work with the mind and how it can help affect our physical reality. I became a neuroscience-basedhypnotherapist in 2015, and use that piece of my work to help people change their thinking and unconscious beliefs for ultimate transformation. 

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