Welcome to the facial rejuvenation method that will lift, tone and smooth your face. Created by Annelise Hagen, the Yoga Face is a proven method that gets results quickly and naturally


In 2005, Annelise Hagen broke ground by creating the world's first facial workshop for a yoga studio. She had already been teaching yoga, voice, and movement for several years. For Annelise, creating a facial yoga workshop seemed a logical way to address issues of facial freedom, stress relief, tone, flexibility, and smoothness without resorting to invasive procedures.  Little did she know this would resonate worldwide. Annelise taught to thousands of students and appeared internationally.  The workshop ( the Yoga Face) grew from small beginnings to packed classes in gyms and wellness centers. 

"The Yoga Face teaches us to tend and nurture our inner spark of life force- prana- to preserve our health, beauty and wellness naturally, " says Annelise.  In addition to utilizing a core group of facial exercises, Annelise incorporates traditional yoga techniques of breath work meditation, mantra, asana, mudra, and philosophy, in conjunction with the traditional healing arts of acupressure, Ayurveda, apothecary, blading, rolling, and more. Annelise continues to deepen the art of facial rejuvenation  for all and any who are attracted to its positive message of self nurturing and self care. 

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"Throughout my pre-teen years and beyond, I have consistently maintained a facial cleansing regimen. However, as I grew older I began to realize, that wasn't enough to maintain that all familiar firmness and glow.  Ultimately, circa 2005/2006, I discovered Annalise on YouTube - Howdini.com. Since then, I have been practicing her method.

Now that I am older and gravity is starting to take its toll, it feels good and builds my self-confidence when people comment on how I look younger than my years. Do I sound like a PSA? If so, then I must say that I am a Proud Student of Annelise's Face Yoga :)  "





"Annelise is a transformational healer and a gem. Her facial yoga creates a glow and is very relaxing at the same time. "-Susan, Psychotherapist